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Effect of Postharvest Field Burning on Jointed Goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica) Germination

F.L. Young, A.G. Ogg Jr., and P.A. Dotray
1990 Weed Tech. 4: 123-127
Abstract. In a kiln experiment, temperatures of 200 to 400 C for 120 sec reduced germination of jointed goatgrass seeds 50 to 100%. Postharvest filed burning of wheat and jointed goatgrass stubble destroyed 43 to 64% of the jointed goatgrass spikelets located on the soil surface. Seeds contained in spikelets that were minimally burned (slightly browned) germinated 32 to 65%, while seeds contained in spikelets moderately (less than 50% charred) and severely burned (greater than 50% charred) germinated 5 and 0%, respectively. Field burning destroyed 90% or more of jointed goatgrass seeds in spikelets located on the soil surface. Burning may be a feasible method for controlling small infestations of this weed